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Creating a LLC or Corporation in Youngstown, Ohio

If you are considering starting a business or organization, or already operate one, it is probably a good idea to set up some sort of legal entity. The article below describes the various benefits in setting up a legal entity, the different types of legal entities, the process through which one can set up a legal entity and the personal liability that may attach to individuals who decide to forgo setting up a legal entity.

The Ohio Legacy Trust Act

On March 27, 2013 the new Ohio Legacy Trust Act took effect in the State of Ohio. This Act provides for a new type of Legacy Trust, which allows an unprecedented level of asset protection within the State of Ohio. Unlike a normal revocable trust, an Ohio Legacy Trust is in most cases shielded from creditors. Ohio has joined a minority of states in allowing these types of asset protection trusts. An Ohio Legacy Trust is available to not only Ohio residents, but also the residents of any state as long as the trust is created and administered in accordance with all of the provisions of the Ohio Legacy Trust Act.

Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plans: Lawsuit

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There are two important purposes for this article. The first purpose of this article is to give consumers that are considering purchasing a biweekly payment plan service the necessary information to make an informed decision. Second, this article serves the purpose of informing consumers who are currently enrolled in such a program that they may have a legal claim against the company that enrolled them in their biweekly payment plan.