Wills in Ohio

A Last Will and Testament is the cornerstone of the basic estate plan. Within a will, a testator declares not only to whom their property will pass, but the will also lays out who will administer that process and how and when it will be done. A will can be used to pass almost all of a person’s property or only a limited portion of it. Some individuals limit the amount of property to pass through their will as any property within the will passes through the probate process.

The most important reason to draft a will is to ensure that property does not pass through intestacy. Every state has its own intestacy statute. The probate court will use the intestacy statute to pass an individual’s probate property if a person passes without a will. This means that the court will decide where your property should go, not you. Drafting a will allows you to decide who will receive your property. Furthermore, even if an individual already has a will, it is important to update it over time to ensure that it still meets the needs of that individual. 

The drafting and updating processes utilized at the McClain Law Office will ensure that your will disposes of your property as intended. As a result of year of  experience, problems that typically arise in the development of administration of your current or prospective estate plan will be avoided.

Unanticipated events occur in all of our lives and as your situation changes your estate plan must as well. Effective drafting adjustments and updates can make the difference between a will that properly represents how you wish to dispose of your property and a will that is fatally flawed, causing the disposition of your property to occur in a manner that was never intended. The experience, knowledge and skill that goes into the drafting of your will, will assure you that your will is effective and efficient. Your intentions will always be properly represented and your will shall effectively pass property to your intended beneficiaries.

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