Final Arrangements

During the development of an estate plan, it is important that every individual take the time to decide on their final arrangements. These arrangements usually detail the disposition of individual’s final remains. The document also names who will be in charge of this disposition.

While burial instructions are not an essential estate planning document, they are important for both the individual and their family. These instructions allow a person to let their family or friends know exactly what they wish to be done. It is also wise to keep this document separate from the other estate planning documents. This document should be easily accessible for family and friends so that arrangements can be made immediately after passing.

While not an essential document, it is highly recommend that each person make well-thought out decisions about their final arrangements and memorialize those decisions within a document. This document will provide your family peace of mind and guidance during a difficult time. Please contact us if you would like advice or guidance in preparing this important document. 

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